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Ukraine - Smile, Jamala made it to Eurovision! 1944 CD EP out now, Jamala Wins the 61st Eurovision Song Contest!, 1944 The Album, 2017 Symphonic version out now, 2017 Remixes
San Marino - Serhat didn't know, remixes out now, Goes Disco for STHLM, French, Italian versions out now, You need more remixes, updates. New 2017 versions with Martha Wash out now on cdsingle.
Switzerland - Rykka to Stockholm, remix out now, updates, Album version info.
Russia - Sergey Lazarev says You Are The Only One, Metal version, updates, Russian version, Paparizou duet version.
Bosnia-Herzegovina - BiH returns with Disco Deen and gang, download the song Ljubav Je. English version: Listen to Love Is All. 2017 Remix EP
France - Amir found the way to Stockholm, English version Looking For You, Spanish version Yo Busqué, updates, remix, deluxe album and acoustic version. 1 Year on French charts
Austria - The French Song for Zoë, updates, Debut Deluxe has remix, acoustic, French digital single release
Croatia - returns with Nina Kraljić, Listen to Lighthouse, cdsingle out now. Album out now
Bulgaria - If Love Was A Crime for Poli Genova, Chipmunk updates, corrections, Greek coverversion by Demy.
Cyprus - Minus One presents Alter Ego, promo update.
Slovenia - ManuElla's Blue And Red, get the App, updates
Moldova - Falling Stars for Lidia Isac, versions update, remix free download
Spain - Say Yay! to Barei. In the Spanish charts, new version, Throw The Dice re-issue, Six remixes out now
Czech Republic - Gabriela Gunčíková, Listen to I Stand. Updates
Latvia - Justs to Eurovision in a Heartbeat, remixes out now, another remix and even more remixes: 12 remixes and counting...
Sweden - MF CD details, MF charts update, Frans wins and goes quadruple platinum, Frans wins the chart race. 2 sets of remixes out now. Dinah Nah cover.
Israel - Hovi (made of) Star(s), it's a ballad now, versions updates, Sagi Kariv remix out now.
Ireland - Westlife's Nicky Byrne, Sunlight single, album and remixes released, updates.
Australia - Dami Im flies the Australian flag. cdsingle out now, 7th Heaven remixes released.
Georgia - Young Georgian Lolitaz Midnight Gold, updates
Poland - Michał Szpak wins Konkurs Piosenki Eurowizji, promo updates
Malta - 8th Wonder, Ira Losco returns walking on water, updates.
Belgium - What's The Pressure Laura already scores #2 hit. Versions update.
Norway - Arctic Agnete breaks the ice and goes south to Stockholm, updates
Let's Get Physical - Quick list of CDs and cdsingles available in the shops
The Netherlands - Slow Down Douwe Bob, The Bar, The Fool, The LP.
Absent Friends - Who is in and who is out
Montenegro - Highway rocks The Real Thing, remix, updates
Highly recommended shopping: The 2016 OGAE ESC-zine
Germany - Jamie-Lee Kriewitz gives us the Ghost. CDsingle  out now. Berlin album details, Remix EP
Azerbaijan - Samra Rahimli, Listen to a Miracle, remixes by N'evergreen and some other DJs, more mixes
Finland - Sandhja Sings It Away, album on April 29.
Romania - A Moment Of Silence for Ovidiu Anton please
United Kingdom - Voices Joe and Jake unite for the kingdom, single, Cahill remixes
Iceland - 30 years of Söngvakeppni Sjónvarping, Greta Salóme to Stockholm
Lithuania - Donny Montell gets another chance, album #BLCK
Italy - Sanremo 2016 CD out now, Runner up Francesca Michielin
to Stockholm with revamped Sanremo song.
Serbia - Sanja Vučić ZAA band, Listen to Goodbye, free downloads
Albania - Eneda Tarifa wins FiK, Fairytale for Stockholm
Macedonia - Kaliopi the Third, Listen to Dona.
Hungary - A dal CD out now, Freddie wins.
Denmark - Compilation CD out now, Soldiers Of Love wins DMGP
Belarus - Ivan, flight instructor
Armenia - Iveta Mukuchyan listen to LoveWave, remix and jazz excercise
Estonia - Play with Jüri Pootsmann, cdsingle
Greece - Argo T.A.F.K.A. Europond to Stockholm, Listen to Utopian Land.

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Ukraine - 1944 - Jamala

Winner of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest

1- 534 pts / 2 - 287 pts in semi 2

Ukraine took a year off because of other pressing matters but they're back with a vengeance.
1944, the winner of the national final, is a song by Jamala (Джамала) reportedly about the deportation of the Crimean Tatars by Stalin. (Check the history book on the shelf people)
It's sung in English and Crimean Tatar (Qırımtatarca).
The song is written by Jamala and Art Antonian.

The song was performed live in May 2015 (in the Crimean Tatar language) as Our Crimea (Бизим Къырым). This was not outside the current EBU rules for early disclosure of the songs.

1944 has been released as a single through several digital outlets.
For a few weeks 1944 and the 1944 EP were deleted from all digital stores, including the possibility to buy it as a seperate track from the Stockholm 2CD. But the single track is now back on under a different licence (Enjoy records / Comp music)

1944 EP
A five track EP including 1944 was released on May 7. Also out on CD. (Enjoy records).
It also features four previously released songs.
You can listen to all tracks here at Jamala's Soundcloud.
See full tracklist below.

1944 - The Album
A 12-track album is released (Universal). It features nine songs in English and three in Ukrainian. All tracks except 1944 come from earlier Jamala releases, see full details and tracklist below.
The album has been released through most digital sources, no CD release has appeared.
In 2017 the digital album was re-released with the Symphonic version of 1944 as a bonus track.

1944 - 2017 version
Sweden top 100: 46
France top 200: 49
Switzerland top 75: 73
Austria top 75: 54
Spain top 50: 32

In the first semifinal of the 2017 Kyiv contest Jamala performed a new version of 1944. This version with symphonic orchestra has been released as a digital single now.
Remixes by Roy Malakian were released in November 2017. (Soundcloud has one of them)

Jamala, (Susana Jamaladinova, Сусана Джамаладінова) came to the Eurovision worlds attention with Smile, the ill fated preselection song from 2011 that wasn't to be.
After dissatisfaction with the validity of the results with Mika Newton as the winner, a rematch final was planned between the top three songs of 2011, but the other contestants Jamala and Zlata Ognevich withdrew, leaving Mika Newton with the Eurovision ticket. But you probably knew all that.

2010 single It's Me Jamala (DRI)
But on a personal note, with Smile and the videoclips of Jamala covering songs of one of my all time music heroes Yma Sumac, the Ukraïnian singer stole my heart and I've been a devoted fanboy ever since.
She released a host of singles like the wonderful You're Made Of Love, the crazy It's Me Jamala, All These Simple Things and more recently Zaplutalas (Заплуталась) and Innye (Иные). Most accompanied by amazing videos.
She has released three full albums
- For Every Heart (2011)
- All Or Nothing (2013)
- Podykh (Подих) a.k.a. Dykhaniye (Дыхание) (2015)
(The CD has the first title, but the digital version I bought is titled Дыхание, what's with that Jamala?)
In 2012 a live CD/DVD was released: For Every Heart: Live at Arena Concert Plaza, the DVD also includes video clips of her first five singles.

single digital release image
Jamala also contributed songs to several soundtracks. For the 2014 movie The Guide, in which Jamala portrays jazz singer Olga, the love interest of the main characters father, she recorded You're My Thrill, made famous by Billie Holiday.

She recorded songs in Ukrainian, English, Russian and Crimean Tatar.
On the 2011 album For Every Heart there's Pengereden (From the window) and on All Or Nothing you can find Unutmasan (Don't forget), both recorded in the Crimean Tatar language.
In 2011 I wrote a blogpost about For Every Heart, read it here at Eurocovers.

1944 digital EP
1944 - single version
- digital release, Stockholm 2CD, 1944 EP and album
1944 - Symphonic version
- digital release
1944 - Roy Malakian full vocal remix
1944 - Roy Malakian radio vocal remix
- remixes digital release 2017
1944 - karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

Tracklist 1944 EP
1. 1944
2. Watch Over Me ***
3. Hate Love **
4. I'm Like A Bird *
5. Thank You ***

Tracklist 1944 Album
1. 1944
3. Hate Love **
4. Watch Over Me ** *
5. Perfect Man ***                           
6. My Lover ***
8. You've Got Me ****
9. Thank you ***
10. With My Eyes (Очима, in Ukrainian) **
11. Way To Home (Шлях додому, in Ukrainian) **
12. Breath (Подих, in Ukrainian) **

* From CD All Or Nothing (2013)
** From new album Podykh (Подих) a.k.a. Dykhaniye (Дыхание) (2015)
*** From the Thank You EP (2014)
**** English version of Чому Cаме Tебе from new album Podykh (Подих) a.k.a. Dykhaniye (Дыхание) (2015)   
Smile DRI

Links and sources
Jamala website,  FB and VK
Listen at Jamala's Youtube, Soundcloud
Jamala at Eurocovers - The One That Got Away

Check out these Ukrainian Eurovision gems
No participation in 2015
2014 - Mariya Yaremchuck
2013 - Zlata Ognevich
2012 - Gaitana
2011 - Mika Newton
2010 - Alyosha
2009 - Svetlana Loboda

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Ljubav Je - Deen and Dalal with Ana Rucner and Jala

Digital release image EP
11 - 104 pts in semi 1

After a three-year absence Bosnia-Herzegovina decided to return to the Eurovision stage with Deen and Dalal with Ana Rucner playing cello and Jala doing a bit of rapping.

The song Ljubav Je (Love it) was presented on Februari 19 and can be downloaded at the BHRT (see links and sources below).
The song is written by Dalal Midhat-Talakić en Almir Ajanović.

A 4 track EP (digital) is out on April 3* which also includes the English version Love Is All plus an instrumental version and karaoke of the original version. (Tempo Production).
The release features a new verion with some added backing vocals and a slightly different arrangement.
Listen to the English version here at Tempo productions Youtube
* It seems to be postponed.
The original version is on the Official Stockholm 2CD

A single track Ljubav Je was released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources.
(see versions below)
A promo cdsingle includes the Eurovision version, English version and instrumental.

Remix EP DRI
2017 EP
A digital Ep featuring 7 versions is released in 2017.
1. Ljubav je
2. Love Is All
3. Ljubav je (instrumental)
4. Ljubav je (Clubmix)
5. Ljubav je (Dubmix)
6. Ljubav je (Radiomix)
7. Ljubav je (Singback)
Track 1 is the ESC version, the singback is of the Radio mix
It's on Spotify under Various Artists so you'll have to browse with the title or use the spotify link below.
Thanks to Marek for spotting. (see comments)

Single track DRI
Bunny loving Deen (Fuad Backović-Deen) is still deeply carved in most Eurovision fans's memory for his dancetastic 2004 entry In The Disco. (8th place in Istanbul, 7th in the semi).
Dalal (Dalal Midhat-Talakić) once was a member of R'n'B Duo Erato and Deen and her have been friends for 20 years.
Ana Rucner is an acclaimed classical cellist from Croatia and Jala (Jala Brat) is a popular rapper from Sarajevo.

Ljubav Je - ESC version
Love Is All - English
Ljubav Je / Love Is All - Instrumental
Ljubav Je - karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital)
- all above on digital EP, all except karaoke on promo cds
Ljubav Je - Original
- Stockholm 2CD
Ljubav je - Clubmix
Ljubav je - Dubmix
Ljubav je - Radiomix
Ljubav je - Singback

- the mixes are digital streaming releases


Links and sources
Thanks to Marek
Deen website and FB
Dalal FB
Download the song here at BHRT
Ana Rucner website, FB, Soundcloud
Jala FB
The entry is released by Tempo productions
Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2005.
Deen at Bearecords

Check out these Bosnia-Herzegovina entries
2012 - Maya Sar
2011 - Dino Merlin
2010 - Vukašin Brajić
2009 - Regina
Deens 2004 In The Disco cdrom
So I dug up the old Deen's 2004 promo and it still works!. Technology has changed a lot since 2004 and nothing comes close to HD or even LD, but still a great item in anyone's Eurovision collection.
Deen's 2004 entry In The Disco was recorded twice. The first version was available at the BiHTV website, a new version was recorded for Eurovision and that one ended up on the (widely distributed) promo cdrom above.
In The Disco was written by Vesna Pisarović who represented Croatia in 2002 with Everything I Want (Sasvim Sigurna) ending 11th.
The disc features a TV show highlighting the Bosnia-Herzegovina entries from 1964 (for Yugoslavia) to 2004. Also included are the In The Disco video, lyrics and biographies.
Still available at BeaRecords

Saturday, October 8, 2016

France - J'ai cherché - Amir

Digital Release Image
6 - 257 pts / not in semi

On intercalary day France 2 announced Amir as the Eurovision representative the country in the 2016 contest with the song J'ai Cherché (I have been searching). The song is in French and English.
It has been written by Nazim Khaled, Johan Errami and Amir Haddad himself.

J'ai Cherché was first released as a digital single (the longer radio edit).
It is also included on the new album Au Cœur De Moi, out on April 29.
(Tracklist below)

An full English version, Looking For You, is also released (digital) and can be found on the Stockholm promo.
A Spanish/English version Yo Busqué is also recorded. Listen here at Amir's Tubestation.
4-track promo

A 1-track promo cds is issued as well as 4 track promo with remix and English version.
Tracks on the 4-track promo
1. J'ai cherché (Radio Edit) 3:32
2. J'ai cherché (Eurovision Edit) 3:00
3. J'ai cherché (The Story Tellers Remix) 3:24
4. Looking For You (English Version) 3:31
A 6-track album promo including J'ai Cherché was also issued.

Remix DRI
There's a remix on the promo (The Story Tellers remix) and a remix released on June 24.
The latter is the Tom Maiz remix, available through various digital stores. (Update: The Tom Maiz remix is releasion on the album Au Cœur De Moi (Edition Collector) out on 11 November.

A Star Is Born
In 2006 Amir (Amir Haddad) participated in the Israeli version of talent show A Star Is Born (Kokhav Nolad), the show that already gave us Eurovision stars Shiri Maimon, Harel Skaat, Boaz Mauda and Mei Finegold.
But his star really started rising after his third place in The Voice - La Plus Belle Voix (2014).
In 2015 he scored a minor radio hit in France with Oasis. His 'The Voice' version of John Legends All Of Me also charted.
His only album (until 2016's Au Cœur De Moi) is Vayehi from 2011, with songs in Hebrew, released in Israel.

Au Cœur De Moi
Amir release his album Au Cœur De Moi on April 29 (see tracklist below) and a deluxe edition is out on November 11.
The deluxe edition subtitled Edition Collector features 7 bonus tracks including several versions of the Eurovision hit. See below for full tracklist.
The set includes a DVD with clips of J'ai Cherché and follow up single On Dirait as well as an interview and the acoustic session where most of the bomus tracks come from.
The new edition will be released on CD/DVD and of course digitally. There's also a special collectors box with a beanie hat and a poster in a deluxe box.
Ahead of the album release the acoustic version of J'ai Cherché is released as a single track on Oktober 7.

DRI English version
J'ai Cherché - ESC edit
4 track promo, Stockholm 2CD, 
J'ai Cherché - single version/Radio edit
4 track promo, 1-track promo, digital single, Au coeur de moi CD
J'ai cherché - The Story Tellers remix
- 4 track promo
Looking For You - English (single version)
4 track promo, digital release, CD Au Cœur De Moi (Edition Collector)
Yo Busqué - Spanish/English
- CD Au Cœur De Moi (Edition Collector)
J'ai Cherché - Tom Maiz remix
- digital release 24-6, CD Au Cœur De Moi (Edition Collector)
J'ai cherché - Acoustic version
- digital release 7-10, CD Au Cœur De Moi (Edition Collector)
J'ai cherché - karaoke
- official karaoke album (digital release)
Another remix, the Holderz remix appears on an unofficial digital collection Hot Summer Workout Hits 2016. (No label)

France top 200: 88, 164, 85, 144, 168, 129, 110, 103, 60, 13, 9, 2, 7, 9, 9, 5, 9, 11, 11, 12, 16, 18, 20, 26, 24, 25, 32, 41, 44, 63, 74, 66, 60, 54, 67, 76, 90, 38, 35, 53, 68, 67, 65, 42, 43, 56, 70, 65, 80, 107, 82, 60, 93, 148, 101, 152, 133, 166, 187, 186, 176, -, 151, 175
Belgium (Wallonia) top 50: 47, 30, 15, 11, 11, 12, 8, 4, 6, 6, 5, 5, 8, 10, 9, 8, 10, 13, 13, 47, -
Sweden top 100: 45, 97, -
Germany top 100: 80, -
Switzerland top 75: 59, -
Switzerland Suisse Romande top 20: 11, 15, 17, 12, 10, 9, 13, 13, 16, 15, 14, -, 17, -
- The charts of the French language region of Switzerland.
Austria top 75: 58, -
Spain top 50: 33, -

Album, picture from Amirs Facebook
Links and sources
Thanks to Nigel.
Amir website and FB
Eurovision France 2 FB
Listen here at Amirs Youtube

Tracklist Au Coeur De Moi CD
1. J'ai cherché (single version)
2. On dirait
3. Au coeur de moi
4. Ma vie, ma ville, mon monde
5. A ta manière
6. I Know
7. Très haut
8. Je reviendrai
9. Lost
10. Oasis
11. Broken Heart (feat. ABI)
12. Il est temps qu'on m'aime
Edition Collector
Bonus tracks on Edition Collector
13. J'ai cherché (Acoustic)
14. On dirait (Acoustic)
15. Il est temps qu'on m'aime (Acoustic)
16. Silence (Acoustic)
17. Yo Busque (Spanish version of J'ai cherché)
18. Looking for you (English version of J'ai cherché)
19. J'ai cherché (Tom Maiz remix)

Past entries from France to check out
2015 - Lisa Angell
2014 - Twin Twin
2013 - Amandine Bourgeois
2012 - Anggun
2011 - Amaury Vassili
2010 - Jessy Matador
2009 - Patricia Kaas

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Austria - Loin d'Ici - Zoë

Promo artwork
13 - 151 pts / 7 - 170 pts in semi 1

Last years host country is represented in Stockholm by Zoë and her French language song Loin d'Ici (Far from here).
Loin d'Ici is written by Zoë Straub and Christof Straub. Christof is Zoë's paps, who himself is very successful as a member of Austrian folk duo Papermoon.

The song was first released October 2015 on Zoë's album Debut. The Eurovision version was released as a digital single on Februari 5. All releases through Global Rockstar.
Debut entered the Austrian album charts at its highest peak: No. 5. (Tracklist is below).

Zoë (Zoë Straub) entered last years Austrian selection with the song Quel Filou (What a cheat) which can also be found on the album Debut. Back then her song (out of six) didn't make the final two. The song spent one week on the Austrian charts.
Follow up single Mon Cœur A Trop Aimé spent 16 weeks on the top 75, reaching No. 12.

Debut Deluxe
Zoë's album Debut gets a re-release on April 29 as Debut Deluxe. It includes the ESC version of Loin d'Ici as well as the acoustic version and a remix (see versions below) plus some extra tracks (Full tracklist at the end of this post).
The original album version of Loin d'Ici is not on the new Deluxe edition
The CD will be released in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. (Global Rockstar / Sony Music 0889853261925)
Digital release will be worldwide.

Digital release image
Loin d'Ici - ESC version
- digital release, CD Debut Deluxe, Promo cds, Stockholm 2CD
Loin d'Ici - Album version
- CD Debut, promo cds
Loin d'Ici - Acoustic
- CD Debut Deluxe, French digital single release, U.K. promo
Loin d'Ici - Stone Van Brooken remix
- CD Debut Deluxe 
Loin d'Ici - radio edit
- French digital single release
Loin d'Ici - Karaoke 
- Official karaoke collection digital release, promo cds
No other language versions will be recorded.

France DRI
The promo cds has the ESC version, karaoke and album version.
It comes in two different editions, one in card sleeve, the later one in jewel case (cd single case) with fold over and booklet.

A digital single was released in France on September 16. It features the radio edit, previously only released as video, the acoustic version and album track Devinez.

Follow up single Danse Avec Moi was issued as a promo in the U.K., this cd-r features the acoustic version of Loin d'ici.

jewel case cd inlay
Zoë's Loin d'Ici enters the Austrian charts at number 14, peaking at 13 after the contest.
Austria top 75: 14, 33, 39, 64, 53, 74, 68, 68, -, 70, -, 68, 33, 13, 50, -
Sweden top 100: 66, -
France top 200: 99, -
In the 2014 post about Conchita you can find a list with all chart results of Austrian Eurovision songs from 1965 to 2016.

Links and sources
Special thanks to Christof at Global Rockstar and to Pablo for the message.
Plus special thanks to ÖRF for the prize:)
Zoë FB
Zoë at Global Rockstar (new link) listen to Loin d'Ici and some other songs at the video page
Wer singt für Österreich pages at ÖRF
Listen at Spotify
The Youtube video also has digital shopping links

Austria's recent Eurovision gems
2015 - The Makemakes
2014 - Conchita Wurst
2013 - Natália Kelly
2012 - Trackshittaz
2011 - Nadine Beiler
No participation from 2008 to 2010 for Austria

Tracklist Debut Deluxe
1.         Loin D'ici - ESC Version (3:00 min)
2.         Devinez
3.         Danse avec moi
4.         Rien ne va plus
5.         Quel filou
6.         Adieu
7.         Mon ange
8.         Mon cœur a trop aimé
9.         Je t'aime
10.       Je m'en fous
11.       Rends-moi mon cœur
12.       Pourquoi alors je pleure?
13.       Loin d'ici - Acoustic version (4 :21)
14.       Devinez - Balduin Remix 
15.       Loin D'ici - Stone Van Brooken Remix (3:11)
16.       Royals
17.       Your Eyes 

Album "Debut"
Tracklist Debut (2015)
1.         Je m'en fous
2.         Devinez
3.         Danse avec moi
4.         Rien ne va plus
5.         Quel filou
6.         Adieu
7.         Mon ange
8.         Mon cœur a trop aimé
9.         Je t'aime
10.       Rends-moi mon cœur
11.       Pourquoi alors je pleure?
12.       Loin d'ici (album version)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Croatia - Lighthouse - Nina Kraljić

23 - 73 pts / 10 - 133 pts in semi 1

Croatia returns to Eurovision with Nina Kraljić.
Nina is the winner of the first season of The Voice - Najljepši glas Hrvatske (2015).
The song chosen for Stockholm is Lighthouse written by Andreas Grass and Nikola Paryla
Listen here at Nina's Youtube

The digital single has been released through Universal.
A cdsingle was released and is available in some shops in Croatia. (like here)
It has the Eurovision version and the karaoke.
(Universal Music 6025479 37551)

Lighthouse - Original version
- Stockholm 2CD, digital release
Lighthouse - karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

Album Samo
Nina Kraljić releases her album Samo on September 30. It includes Lighthouse and 11 other tracks.
Out on Universal Music Croatia.

Digital release image
Links and sources
Nina Kraljić FB and Website
HRT press release

More Croatia Eurovision history
No participation in 2014 and 2015
2013 - Klapa S Mora
2012 - Nina Badrić
2011 - Daria Kinzer
2010 - Feminnem
2009 - Igor Cukrov
artwork unknown if used for cd

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Russia - You Are The Only One - Sergey Lazarev

Digital Release Image
3 - 491 pts / 1 - 194 pts in semi 1

Russian superstar Sergey Lazarev (Серге́й Лазарев) represented his country in the Stockholm contest.
The song, You Are The Only One was revealed on March 5.
The song is written by Philippe Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos, John Ballard and Ralph Charlie Fahel.
Watch the video here at Lazarevs Youtube.

You Are The Only One has been released as a digital single. A karaoke version has also been released.

On May 17 the single was released again, same version, but now under Lazarev's own label.

The promo cds has the Eurovision version and instrumental.
A promo USB stick is also issued. It turns out some (or all) are having some faults in audio and video, so prepare to be miffed when you spend a fortune on the promo USB at the bay.

Пусть Весь Мир Подождёт
A Russian version was released on July 29 (digital release through Sony music).
It's titled Пусть Весь Мир Подождёт (Pust' Ves' Mir Podozhdot, Let the world wait)
Helena Paparizou
A duet version with Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005) was released as a digital single in August 2016. It followed an appearance at the MAD TV music awards (Minos records)
DRI Russian version
Helena Paparizou

A duet version with Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005) was released as a digital single in August 2016. It followed an appearance at the MAD TV music awards (Minos records).
The digital single is a studio version.

You Are The Only One - Eurovision version
- Stockholm 2CD, promo cds*
New DRI May 17
You Are The Only One - introduction version
- via youtube, see below
Pust' Ves' Mir Podozhdot / Пусть Весь Мир Подождёт - Russian
- digital release
You Are The Only One - karaoke
- digital release, Official karaoke album (digital)
You Are The Only One - Instrumental
- promo cds
You Are The Only One - with Helena Paparizou
- digital single

At the contest the song was shortened a little, as the ESC CD version is 3:07 .
The earliest (as far as I know) presentation version has some extra sounds at the beginning (before the bell) and at the end it's not cut off as abrupt as the Stockholm 2CD edit.. (Listen here).
*The version on the promo cds starts with eight seconds of silence, same for the instrumental version.

Singer, actor, dancer Lazarev started his musical career in the kids group Neposedi (Непоседы). The group (with ever changing members) included at the time Yulia and Lena of t.A.T.u. and Vlad Topalov (Владислав Топалов) with whom Lazarev formed the successful duo Smash! (СМЭШ!!) which lasted from 2000 to 2006.

CD Sergey Lazarev The Best, Russian edition.
In 2004 Lazarev entered the Russian National Final with the song Flyer (4th place).
In October 2015 Lazarev released a compilation album Sergey Lazarev The Best which includes Flyer (as The Flyer) only on the English edition.
The Russian edition has songs in Russian, the English edition has songs in English. Both are Russian releases, but I don't know if the Russian edition has been issued on CD.

Swedish Metallers Psyckadeli have created a fab and loud coverversion of You Are The Only One.
Check it out and read more about it Here At Eurocovers

Sweden top 100: 34, 68
France top 200: 53
Austria top 75: 40
Spain top 50: 49

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Sergey Lazarev website (Russian) and FB

Sergey Lazarev The Best, English edition.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bulgaria - If Love Was A Crime - Poli Genova

Promo cd single
4 - 307 pts / 5 - 220 pts in semi 2

2011 Eurovision singer Poli Genova (Поли Генова) returned to the contest to represent Bulgaria for the second time.

Poli's song, If Love Was A Crime was presented on March 21.
It is sung mostly in English with a few words of Bulgarian thrown in for good measure. (О, Дай Ми Любовта!, (Oh, give me love)
If Love Was A Crime is written by Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Joachim Bo Persson and Poli Genova.

You can download the song at Poli's website. The song was also released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources.
This commercially released version is the same as the one on the Stockholm 2CD. See below for explanation.

Picture from BNT press release
There are two released versions of the song.
The first version uses high pitched backing vocal samples (effects, FX)(a.k.a. by the fans as the chipmunks), this one is on the Stockholm 2CD.
The second one, which was on Poli's website, adds flute to the pitched vocals (but the chipmunks are still there at the start), here are no chipmunks 2:18. This one is also on the promo cdsingle.
No chipmunks were heard at the contest, all the vocal samples were replaced with flute parts. And of course there were the celebrated backing vocalists appearing at the end of the performance.
A nice (unintended?) statement against the ridiculous practice of hiding the backing singers which seems to be the trend now.

A promo cdsingle is issued, it has the flute/FX version and Flute/FX karaoke.

Watch and listen here

With Na Inat (На Инат) Poli Genova ended 12th in the second semi in Düsseldorf.
In 2015 she hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Digital release image
If Love Was A Crime - original version (FX)
- videoclip, digital release, Stockholm 2CD
If Love Was A Crime - alternate version (Flute+FX)
- site download (not available anymore), promo
If Love Was A Crime - Karaoke (FX)
- Official karaoke album (digital)
If Love Was A Crime - alternate Karaoke (Flute+FX)
- site download, downloadable here at Poli Genova's website, promo
The final Eurovision version differs from both released versions, only the flute parts were used (not the vocal FX).
This version remains unreleased.

Bulgaria top 40: 36, 22, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 8, 13, 18, 24, 34, 40, -
Sweden top 100: 47
France top 200: 129
Austria top 75: 72

Poli Genova (a.k.a. as Polly Genova) has appeared in several Bulgarian national finals.
2005 - 9th with Otkriy Me Sega (group Melody)
2006 - 4th with Love That You Can't See (Melody Traffic)
2009 - 2nd with One Lifetime Is Not Enough. (as a solo singer)
2011 - 1st with Na Inat, 12th in the second semi in Düsseldorf (48 points).

Greek singer Demy (Dimitra Papadea, Δήμητρα Παπαδέα) recorded a coverversion titled Isovia Mazi (Ισόβια μαζί, Life together).
The track uses one of the backing tracks from the original singer (The Flute+FX version). The Bulgarian words "O dai mi ljubovta" are used in this version. The rest of the song is in Greek.
Isovia Mazi is out through the usual digital sources. (Panik records)

2011 Na Inat Digital Release Image
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Thanks to Milena at BNT and Thanks to Frank.
Poli Genova FB and website (offline)
BNT Eurovision pages

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cyprus - Alter Ego - Minus One

Picture from Minus One's Facebook
21 - 96 pts / 8 - 164 pts in semi 1

Rockband Minus One are the chosen ones to get Cyprus to a place in the final in the 2016 contest. (and they succeeded)
The song, Alter Ego, was presented on Februari 22 and is written by the band themselves with Thomas G: Son.
The song has been released as a digital single.
Watch the video here

The promo single has 1 track plus the video clip of Alter Ego. (KMZ Music Cyprus)

Minus One are Francois Micheletto (vocals), Harrys Pari (guitar), Constantinos Amerikanos (guitar, vocals), Antonis Loizides (bass) and Christopher Ioannides a.k.a. Chris J. (drums)

cd single (promo)
Alter Ego - Eurovision version
- Stockholm 2CD, digital single, promo single
Alter Ego - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

Digital Release Image
Links and sources
Special thanks to Minus One for the cd!
Minus One website and FB
Thomas G:Son at Loreen's page (The Baku Collection)

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